¡Señoras y Señores! Ladies and gentleman! ¡Respetable público!

In this corner, with a large flour tortilla filled with your favorite guisado, we have the unequaled, the undefeatable, El Mucho Burro! And in this other corner we have, with four small corn tortillas with your favorite carne or guisado in abundance, the incredibles, the greatest Burritacos! They will fight two of three falls without time limit, to become your favorite!

With the ring of the bell, the fight starts and the arena goes crazy.

“Dale duro”, “Dale con la silla”.- You can hear the screams from the crowd cheering their favorite.

While in the wrestling ring, El Mucho Burro- despite his large features-finds himself struggling against the Burritacos who are applying the tira buzon maneuver.

Who will win? Who will become your favorite? Come and discover it at Macho Libre.


Our founders, Arnulfo Ortega and Ricardo Mora have successfully owned and operated restaurant franchises in Texas and Arizona for more than 10 years. Now, they have joined forces in the ring to create Macho Libre, a restaurant committed to serving authentic Mexican food in a relaxed-character filled atmosphere. We vow to always be faithful to our roots, with our assurance of using authentic ingredients and recipes reminiscent of true Mexican cuisine.


Describing the Mexican culture can be very challenging because of its diversity, traditions and colors. They all vary widely from each region of the country. However, there is one folklore that has inspired Mexicans through the years for its mysticism and showmanship: The spectacular La Lucha Libre; where the eternal fight between good against evil is on full display. Macho Libre was born as a tribute to Los Luchadores and heroes from this incredible tradition.


Our restaurants capture Mexico’s rich culinary culture and vibrant street food scene. Grab a quick bite for lunch or relax over with our arroz con leche in the evening. We love spending time in our restaurants and know you will too. Whether it is a burritaco, a quick ‘grab-and-go’ bowl for those busy days, or a fulfilling dessert to kick start an evening out, Macho Libre offers a welcoming, character-filled environment throughout the day.

Macho Libre is a Fast Service restaurant gathering, not only the amazing flavors of authentic Mexican food, but also the Mexican folklore of Lucha Libre. A unique place where the burritos and tacos fight in the ring to become your new favorite!

Come and immerse yourself into the Lucha Libre Culture! Macho Libre offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere certain to captivate you; it’s the perfect place to hang out with your family and friends.

Burritos or tacos? That is the question…… Who will win? Who will become your favorite? Come and find out at Macho Libre!

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5834 Babcock Rd
San Antonio, TX 78240, USA

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Mo – Th :  7:00 am – 10:00 pm
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