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Red Pepper

Red pepper not only adds flavor to our food but also its splendid red color. Freshly sliced every morning to give a unique flavor to our Guisados, improving our sazon and adding a beautiful color.

Pork meat

When addressing protein, we can’t forget about pork. It doesn´t matter if you are on a diet, come and try our delicious pork meat totally keto friendly. Who knew being on a diet could be so deli? An awesome option with a yummy taste.


If protein is your main concern, our beef won’t let you down. Marinades and special seasonings are a main part of what makes Mexican Cuisine so special. We will always focus our attention to achieving the perfect tenderness in our protein dishes surely enticing your taste buds for coming back for more.


In this corner we have our heavyweight hero, the main character of the ring: chicken. No matter how you prefer it, on guisado, grilled, our chicken will never disappoint. Always prepared to give it all up in the ring.


The undefeatable onion has proven its worth in Mexican Cuisine by becoming irreplaceable in its secret recipes. Its strong flavor is a crucial part of our salsas, creating just the right balance. So versatile! Viva the onion!

Cayenne Chili

Don’t let its humble shape fool you! Cayenne Chile is one of the most spicy chilies out there, yet so addictive. Made for the spicy lovers, the machos out there who are not afraid of a little challenge.


Please give it up to our greatest champion, lime! There is no doubt lime is the hero of Mexican food, no respectable Mexican would ever think about eating tacos without lime, its acidity is an essential flavor that will tag along with your favorite meal. What are you waiting for? Come on in and try […]


In this corner, we have the best ally that will crunch you palate: lettuce! Adding just the right amount of healthy crunchiness and freshness to your favorite meal, it doesn’t matter if you like tacos or burritos, lettuce will always be the greatest wild card ever!


This spiky counterpart is worthy of a great fight. This unlikely ingredient is the splash of flavor that you didn’t see coming in your tacos al pastor. Before you get the wrong idea, we can assure you this tropical fruit is the flavor that you’ve been missing out.

Black beans

Please welcome to the arena the greatest sidekicks ever: black beans! Their flavor will automatically transport you to Mexico, not-to-forget they go great with everything. Let them complement your favorite meal!


Don’t let its name startle you, it is just a tomato! Well not any type of tomato, and if you’re thinking they taste the same, you couldn’t be more wrong. Its flavor is way too different from regular tomatoes. Its fruity and slightly herbal flavor will knock you off your feet, adding the right smoky […]


Cheers to our champion: the garlic! Adding the ideal depth to our food, a flawless seasoning for our salsas to our amazing dishes.


Just a small root with a kick ass flavor. Just the right concentration of ginger, is crucial for our recipes, given its strong savor. Giving an awesome smack of aroma. Who would thought that this small root would give such a flavor?


The crowd always go crazy when its name is mentioned, we can’t blame them. Its exceptional and multifaceted flavor, makes everything better. Let’s not forget our guacamole, just the best way to compliment you favorite dish. What are you waiting for? Come and try it! It won’t disappoint you!


Well known by its yellow kernels and unforgettable taste, we have: The corn! Its taste may be sweet, but the corn is here to stay. From the beginning of Mexican cuisine, this ingredient has been the main character, our best wildcard. If someone knows how versatile the corn is, that would be the Mexican Cuisine. […]

Poblano Pepper

From Puebla, we have the traditional the incomparable: the Poblano Pepper! This bold ingredient with its mild chili flavor and versatility in our dishes will amaze you. Perfect for those who are not afraid of a little spicy, come and taste it! We can assure you won’t regret it!